HSBC Premier Cackalica Print Ad

(While trying to organize my files this week, I saw a bit of work that made me feel a little nostalgic, mostly because of the great experiences I had working with the teams that I had at JWT and Saatchi. And so, the next few posts are dedicated to the people — the planners, the accounts, the creatives, the final artists and production team — that made these projects so much fun to work on. Enjoy!)

Rach and I had a brief for a print ad that would show all the benefits of the HSBC Premier Mastercard, an offering with avid travelers and businessmen in mind. Clearly, our love for travel became apparent in this piece of communication, and I thought that all my travel junk and moleskine could be quite fitting to Rach’s cackalica story.

Client : HSBC

Agency : JWT Manila

ECD : Dave Ferrer

Art : Kat Encanto

Copy : Rach Villanueva

Accounts : Anne Pagaduan

Producer : Princess de Guzman


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