Imagining Sundinavia

Anna Meroni’s workshop was on Creative Scenario Drafting, which creates a vision of tomorrow from inspiring ideas of today. Done in the middle of Milan Design Week (a sensory overload for even the hungriest designer), we were asked to take note of the brightest products, services and ideas in food, health, mobility and housing, and use this to imagine our scenarios for 2025, contextualized for the Mediterraneans, Russians, Scandinavians and Central Europeans.

Having been asked to imagine a future for Scandinavia — an immense challenge, really, to think of a future for a place that is already in the future — we tried to think of how we could resolve some of their problems or weaknesses (3 months of sunlight, which is perhaps related to poor diet and high rates of suicide) by looking at their strengths (most sustainable and livable cities in the world). Here we created a world where issues of food, health and housing are given solutions by a city’s movement.

Having taken inspiration from footstep harvesting seen in the Victoria Station of London, which converts movement from footsteps into electricity to provide energy for the building, and Bycyklen København, a large-scale urban bike program in Copenhagen, we imagined a system where Scandinavia’s bicycle-bent mobility can serve as a means of harvesting energy for “sunlight”, that could benefit health, housing and food.

As for food, we saw how Progetto Cuccagna, Nutrire Milano and R2D2 all seeked to promote alternative energies, whether it’s by a kitchen equipment that doesn’t use electricity or through rejuvenation of public space. From this, we imagined how we can use Copenhagen’s many parks as farms to harvest vegetables for a proper diet.

Some of the Design Week’s interesting ideas related to health used color or light to improve disposition. We then imagined “sun fountains” at parks and sun-lit furniture to help battle depression, both outside and in the home. 

All of which make Sundinavia 2025 — a dream city that sustains itself, and an exercise on idealism.
Politecnico di Milano 2012. Team composed of : Katrina Encanto, Fabio Nari, Augusto Berte, Alessia Bellon, Lina Loaiza.

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