The High Life

Interior and Outdoor Photography for the High Life Issue of Turista Magazine. Words by EJ Galang.

Tranquility in Tagaytay

Tight schedules, running from one meeting to another, rush hour traffic and rushed meals. Days like these can quickly turn into weeks that just as quickly turn into months. Few places near Manila can offer a much-needed pause and there are few better places than these two Bed and Breakfast spots in Tagaytay.

The Inn at Cliffhouse Tagaytay

Underneath the quaint Cliffhouse complex and hidden from plain sight is a portal to New England. Four large suites (two 75-square meter rooms and two 100-square meter rooms) with a well-defined nautical look provide guests ample breathing space. Named after prominent lighthouses of North America (West Quoddy, Montouk Point, Brant Point, and Minot’s Lodge), the rooms are complete with two queen size beds, a lounge, a bath, an entertainment center, and a private terrace. Each suite is also lovingly designed with no corner, lamp, throw pillow, tabletop display, or framed artifact out of place. Everything about it says this walled expanse is your calm ocean; allow your mind to set sail.

Follow the Light

“Lighthouses provide refuge as they guide seafarers in the night,” explains the very accommodating Ms. Jennifer Dee, Consultant for Marketing Communications, “and just like a lighthouse, we offer a sanctuary to all those who need to decompress.” Indeed, The Inn offers a stark contrast to cramped and crowded condominiums in the city. One gets to breathe in smog-free air from the terrace and instead of concrete towers, one can enjoy a misty view of a stump-like volcano slumbering in placid waters.

Toss Out the Timetable

Spend the day however way you wish: catch up on your reading until you pass out on feather pillows, channel surf while sprawled on the soft couch, or, if you’re staying in West Quoddy or Minot’s Lodge, loosen those tense muscles in your private Jacuzzi while waiting for the magic hour. There is absolutely nothing here to remind you of the urgencies the world.

Privacy is a Priority

One of the golden rules in The Inn is: only four people are allowed to each room. It is a strict rule that no amount of cash or convincing can break. “The space is not there for you to put in an extra bed,” asserts Ms. Dee “it’s there so you can relax without the unnecessary clutter.” As expected, this is exactly the kind of exclusivity that drives people to The Inn. If what you’re looking for is a portion of earth reserved for you and the few people you wish to share it with, then you are most welcome to have it here.


The Inn takes you away from urban hustle and bustle but not from its conveniences. The entire Cliffhouse compound is built to offer you whatever you need during your short stay. There are two charming cafes and a yogurt station if you ever need coffee, tea, or dessert to go with your stroll. For a full lunch or dinner there’s a continental bistro and a homey Italian restaurant around the two Cliffhouse corners, both offering a variety of meals. And if you ever have other requests, don’t hesitate to phone the staff. Unintimidating, cordial and always with a smile, the people at The Inn know how to make guests feel at home without having to say a single word.

Discovery Country Suites

Another must-visit destination is this huge rest house turned Bed and Breakfast along the ridge. The old country vibe is hinted by the security person’s uniform, affirmed by the short walkway leading to the entrance door, and made fact by the manor’s wooden interior. There are seven uniquely designed suites that have room space ranging from 33 to 72 square meters. They are named Oxford, Andalucia, St. Tropez, Ceylon, Nantucket, Siam and Nara, which are names of destinations across the globe that all spell escape. And that is exactly what you come here for.

Refined Service

As the manager formally introduces himself and as he describes, point-by-point, the many amenities to enjoy, one cannot help but feel a sense of sophistication swelling from inside. From the assigned innkeeper to the waiters and staff all over the mansion, it appears these people have been trained to treat each guest as royalty, responding to your every need with utmost importance.

A Trip to Oxford

The most sought after room and often booked for romantic trysts and honeymoons is the English suite. Its high ceiling and private terrace provide an unobstructed mood. The fireplace replaces the chill with a cozy atmosphere. And if the Jacuzzi downstairs by the garden seems too public, the Oxford suite offers a bathtub with its own view of Taal taking a bath in its own tub. Go ahead and watch the sky gather rust in the afternoon as you indulge in the luxury and romance of England’s country living.

Dine with Distinction

Perhaps one of the major reasons why anyone should journey to Discovery Country Suites is its in-house restaurant called Verbena. Due to its distinct appetizers and salads to its seafood platters and meat main courses to its delectable desserts, this restaurant has been renowned all over the world. The signature breakfast steak and eggs will definitely get any lazy body energized; the roasted prawn and scallops are too juicy to resist; and the Angus short ribs “goulash” is simply the perfect protein-packed dish to send you digesting the rest of the night. For the finale, Bouchon’s chocolate marquise is highly recommended for its richness and surprising texture.

If the meals are not enough to convince you, every evening, Verbena also offers complimentary wine tasting with a variety of cheeses and hors d’oeuvres. While at night, they deliver soft batch cookies and milk to your room, perhaps to send you dreaming of an eternity of days like the one you just had.

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  1. designerq8 says:

    i should’ve read this before my last tagaytay trip. they seem to be real cool places to sleep in! where can i get this magazine?

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