7-11 Integrated Pitch Campaign

The convenience store brand 7-11 asked JWT to pitch for their business by creating a campaign that would communicate value for money, when people found it to be more expensive.
Our strategy? We re-defined value for 7-11, and positioned the brand as the option for so much more for just a little more. 7-11 offered everything from fresh fruits to medicine and school supplies to bill payment – features that other competitors did not have. 7-11 could therefore claim to be the community hub for the compartmentalized, unpredictable lifestyles of Filipinos working in the city.
Taking inspiration from 7-11’s target market, we started with the idea that 7-11 has everything for every type of person. And so we created illustrations of different individuals with distinct personalities made out of the products that might want, need and will be able to find at 7-11. These included a call center agent, a grandfather, a young high school boy and a middle -aged male yuppie. This idea was carried out in digital, film, radio, as well as their merch materials.

Client : 7-11

ECD : Dave Ferrer

Art : Kat Encanto / Kimmy de Leon / Drea Dizon

Copy : Priscilla Fajardo / Marielle Encarnacion / Y2 Villanueva


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