Kythe Perspectives Radio Campaign

Kythe is a nonprofit foundation that works for a comfortable and enjoyable environment for children with cancer. While the hospital is well-supported and visited during the holidays, they wanted to encourage people to visit during the rest of the year.
Our strategy was rooted on the idea of celebrating life. Many Filipinos consider their birthdays as milestones that must be met with a meaningful celebration. I did notice, however, a shared sentiment of dread towards birthdays, and mostly among discontented, middle-aged individuals. I thought it might be interesting to put this in contrast to the optimism at the Kythe hospital, where children pretty much celebrate every single day that comes their way.
To communicate this idea, the same lines were read by two different and contrasting characters – a depressed adult and a child at Kythe.

Client : Kythe Foundation

Agency : JWT Manila

ECD : Dave Ferrer

CD : Joe Dy

Planning : Pam Pacete

Copy : Kat Encanto

Bronze Campaign, Cannes Lions 2010

Finalist, Spikes Asia 2010

Silver Campaign, Creative Guild Awards 2011

Highly Commended, WPPED Cream Awards 2010


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